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is this litty? I want to know if its worth a download

ok thanks

hello matt, the game says you can use it with mac but when you play with 2 players only one screen is playable. Everything else about the game is great!

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So the two players screens both show up, but you can't control player 2 with a controller? 2/3/4 players requires a plugged in controller and it's recommended that you use an xbox 360/one controller.

Does the controller work in other games, because if not you need to install a driver:

If the controller does work with other games can you try unplugging it, restarting your Mac, starting Planet Deathmatch, and then plugging it back in.

does it work with dualshock?

It's untested but if it's a dualshock 3 then it should work with BetterDS3: as it can bind it to virtually any input device including Xinput and mouse/keyboard. If it's a dualshock 4 then it should work with DS4Windows: as it emulates an xbox360 controller.

If you have tried it, I would love to know how well it works as I don't have either controller available to test it on. However, assuming it works, any controller button prompts may be incorrect.

no bots? please make bots it will be amazing gameplay